ask anything about bomi

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Issue tracker

You can ask aynthing related with bomi at issue tracker even if it's not an issue, e.g., you may ask a usage for some functionality of bomi. However, there are some rules you'd better pay attention before posting a new issue.

You are allowed to post issue in Korean, English, and Japanese.

Bug reports

Did you find a bug? Or, at least doubtful behavior? Before you open a new issue, I recommend trying latest git source because what you thought a bug might be an already fixed problem.

If it still exists in latest source, or you cannot test it, please report it with next informations:

Sometimes, it may be helpful to provide the full console log with --debug option. If the log is too long to copy from terminal window, run bomi with next command:

$ bomi --debug > ~/bomi.log

This will create and record all logs into bomi.log which you can find in your home directory. Please post the contents of log file with your issue. You may remove the log file after copyed the contents.

Feature requests

Do you have any good idea for bomi? Are you missing a feature of other player? Please make a feature request. Ican try to implemet it unless it's against my policy. However, I still need your help to understand your request better.

It is up to you how well make me understand your request. The better you describe what you think, the easier I understand it.

Provide sample file

When you open a new issue it's always better to provide a sample file or sample URL than not to do. The problem is that the issue tracker of GitHub does not allow to attach any file except images. If you don't know how to provide a sample file, you have some options.

Cut down file size

Before you post/send the sample file, you may want to cut it down to reduce file size. I recommend cutting down the size of sample file if cut file still reproduces same problem, because it will save lots of resources to upload/download the file.

To cut down a file, open the terminal and run next command:

$ dd if=path/to/original/file of=path/to/result/file bs=1024 count=10000

This command will produce about 10MB file which is cut from front part of the original file. The size of result file is determined as bs*count bytes. If you don't think the file size is too small, you can increase the size by adjusting these parameter.

Send me the file with E-mail

This is quite limited method because the file size to attach is restricted to several megabytes usually. If the file size is so small that you can attach and send it through E-mail, then use the E-mail.

Use sharable web storage/cloud service

If the file size is too large to send by E-mail, you can use web storage/cloud service. Some cloud services like DropBox and Google Drive allow to share file through web. If you think the file is inappropriate to put in public site, you can send me the link URL to shared file through E-mail.